About Freedom Bag

Freedom Bag is proud to present our most advanced and secure website! Here at FreedomBag.com, we want our customers to have the best online shopping experience with the help of today’s technology.

Freedom Bag offers unique products designed to simplify travel and address the needs of today’s active life style. Each product is an original creation of DeAnna Roegner, who has been awarded 15 patents; and, received recognition from the: Beauty, Travel,  Luggage and Motorcycle Industries because of her highly functional, as well as user friendly designs.

Our Mission

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“Freedom Bag’s mission is to develop a business based on: Relationships with a foundation centered on fair dealings, honesty, respect for others and integrity. Products that represent a high perceived value; yet, in reality are of greater value. A philosophy of contributing and giving back to a world that has created our existence has made our success possible.”

History of Freedom Bag

Founded by DeAnna Roegner – April 1994

Initial Product – Freedom Bag original: a unique travel, toiletry & cosmetic organizer, designed to hold full size products & accessories.

Received First Place Design Award from the American Luggage Dealers Association.

Featured four times in Travelware Magazine stating: “There is a growing awareness of travel accessories because of the revolutionary popularity of Freedom Bag … which has stolen the show over the past few years.”

Selected as best travel organizer by InStyle Magazine.

Originally sold on QVC shopping channel and carried in over 1,500 retail store locations.

Featured in Hot Bike Magazine for efficiency, quality and ease of use.

In October 2000, DeAnna launched the original: FreedomBag.com website.

Freedom Bag® products are now marketed solely at: freedombag.com and through presentation at selected consumer shows and special events.